Banda Bahadur College of Nursing

Fee Structure

The fee structure is subject to approval by the Punjab Govt. This may be revised according.

Student selected shall be required to deposit their fee on the same day, the selection list is declared, otherwise the seat will be given to the next candidate on waiting list.

Sponsoring/Recommending authorities shall be responsible for payment of fee for the students.

Mess fee to be paid by the 1st week in advance of each month.

Late fee Rs. 50/- per day will be charged after 10th of each month and Fee once paid is non refundable.

If fee is not paid with in 30 days the name of the student shall be struck off the rolls automatically.

Examination Fees and other Expenses will be charged.

Students are responsible for examination fee, registration fee traveling and accommodation expenses, during their examination.

Uniform and Clothes

Full uniform must be worn on duty (Salwar Kameez, Socks and Shoes.

Student Nurse should wear black, Laced shoes and white socks.

No Jewelery (Including nose pins, earrings or cosmetics.

When off duty, change out your Uniform. Under no circumstance a nurse should sleep in her uniform.

Nurses must tie their hair up of the their uniform collers,Coveres with a net.

Uniform length will be one inch below the knee after shrinking. Change in the length of the uniform is not allowed.

Only black sweaters will be worn on duty in winter.

All clothes.& Uniforms must be marked with the initials of the student nurse in embroidery or indelible ink.