Banda Bahadur College of Nursing

About Nursing College

Baba Banda Bahadur Memorial Education Society started its journey by establishing Baba Banda Bahadur College of Nursing in Faridkot city, Baba Banda Bahadur School of Nursing in the year 2008 and Baba Banda Bahadur College of Education in the year 2014 with the aim of meeting the health needs of the society. Institute is striving to deliver high quality of Education, integrated with Health Care Sector keeping in view of Health care demands in the Country & Overseas. 

College Facilities

  • Clinical Facilities, G.G.S. Hospital
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Library
  • Transportation
  • Hostel
  • NSS Unit
  • SNA Unit

Chairman's Message

Punit Inder Bawa

Baba Banda Bahadur College of Nursing started in year 2007. Over the years, the institute has developed a unique environment & infrastructure that can deliver Nursing Education & other Education services of truly global standards. If you are a keen aspirant for a Nursing Education & career that can command value & prestige in the Nursing Education field, this is undoubtedly the place for your advance exploration. Our effort intends to deliver World class health care services with a focus by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of Nursing Care.

Director's Message

Shalini Bawa

A warm welcome from Baba Banda Bahadur College of Nursing at State, National & International level. This institution was established with an aim of providing sympathetic service to people, charity excellence through education.

This is not only an excellence “Centers of Learning” but also know for its delivery of quality of education in the field of nursing. When it comes to education, it is necessary to select the best institute to strengthen the career growth of your children. We aim to be a centre of excellence both in the practice & training of Nursing Education. We prepare enthusiastic & talented young people to play a key at the forefront of their chosen profession.

Principal's Message

The dramatic changes in the health care environment are imparting professional nursing practice in a variety of settings & providing new opportunities for expanding the role and functions of the nurse. Professional nursing will need to balance clinical outcome, functional outcome, quality of care patient satisfaction and financial outcome and nursing Administration in traditional & non traditional settings.

Our focus is on overall development of an individual geared towards addressing not only the ongoing health challenges but also engaging existing health issues of the 21th century. We offer you the opportunity to make the most of young time in learning and building competence in the art of Nursing.

Nursing Training held at

GGS College Faridkot